When something exceptional develops between us:

That's the MAPAL Effect.

Tunnel bores in gearbox housings

Complete solutions from MAPAL impress because they reflect the experience of the specialists from many successful solutions.

Large bores with high material removal rate

With process solutions from MAPAL and the latest tool technology, high potential for savings is achieved.

Special process on the machining of a hub carrier

Complete machining solutions from MAPAL impress because they are specifically tailored and guarantee the best possible performance.

Machining of a valve seat and valve guide

Due to the exact process planning by the tool specialists at MAPAL there is a high degree of certainty in relation to the manufacturing capacity and costs to be expected.

Machining large diameters of a brake drum

In order to meet  the customer's demands, the MAPAL specialists develop perfect solutions.

Milling fibre-reinforced plastics

MAPAL tools impress with perfect results even in difficult to machine materials.

Fine machining of steel material like C70

The chip under control with MAPAL HPR high performance reamers.

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