Internships for school pupils
Internships for school pupils
Be well-informed when you’re choosing a career.

Before choosing a traineeship or degree, you’ve got to work out what you’re interested in and what you enjoy. Get yourself well-informed, then nothing will stand between you and a successful apprenticeship. All our sites in Germany offer the opportunity for you to learn about the apprenticeships they have on offer, with an internship for school pupils aimed at providing you with career guidance. In this way, you can explore the chosen profession and get to know MAPAL, discuss things with MAPAL employees and ask them about their day-to-day work.

We offer a range of internships, most of which are a week long. During your time with us, you will be supervised by experienced staff who will help you familiarise yourself with the world of MAPAL and explain the tasks and demands the job entails.

Interested? Then apply for one of our internships for school pupils, which can either be done during term time (if your school has a work experience scheme) or during the holidays.

Please note that we require you to submit your application approximately three months before the internship is due to begin.

We’re looking forward to receiving your application!

Sites and contacts for internships for school pupils


Contact: Andreas Neubauer
Phone: 07361 / 585 3033
E-Mail: andreas.neubauer(at)

More details about the site



Contact: Ramona Hille
Phone: 08337 / 727 4591
E-Mail: karriere(at)

More details about the site



Contact: Marcel Gruner
Phone: 037341 / 17 132
E-Mail: marcel.gruner(at)

More details about the site



Contact: Krishna Eggert
Phone: 07262 / 9996 7320
E-Mail: krishna.eggert(at)

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Contact: Sigrid Caesar
Phone: 06781 / 98664 70
E-Mail: scaesar(at)

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Contact: Katharina Müller
Phone: 03693 / 50170 6049
E-Mail: katharina.mueller(at)

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Contact: Johannes Wagner
Phone: 07231 / 9663 2764
E-Mail: johannes.wagner(at)

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Contact: Christoph Stauss
Phone: 07434 / 270 1627
E-Mail: christoph.stauss(at)

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Get to know us

We would like to get to know you in person and give you a good impression of MAPAL.

Therefore, we would be delighted to meet you at one of the upcoming career events or at the “MAPAL Future Day”.

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