Holiday jobs
Holiday jobs at MAPAL
Gain practical experience while earning money.

During the summer holidays, we offer the opportunity to learn about MAPAL and everyday working life, with holiday jobs at some of our sites. You will support our specialists - mainly in production and logistics - in their day-to-day tasks and play an important part in ensuring that day-to-day business can be planned even during the holiday period.

To apply for a holiday job at MAPAL, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 16 years old;
  • You must be a student;
  • You must be prepared to work shifts;
  • You must be available for a period of at least three weeks.
Sites and contacts for holiday jobs


Contact: Laura Kuhar
Phone: 07361 / 585 3684
E-Mail: laura.kuhar(at)

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Contact: Ramona Hille
Phone: 08337 / 727 4591
E-Mail: karriere(at)

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Contact: Marcel Gruner
Phone: 037341 / 17 132
E-Mail: marcel.gruner(at)

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Contact: Sabine Theiler
Phone: 07262 / 9996 7012
E-Mail: sabine.theiler(at)

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Contact: Sigrid Caesar
Phone: 06781 / 98664 70
E-Mail: scaesar(at)

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Contact: Katharina Müller
Phone: 03693 / 50170 6049
E-Mail: katharina.mueller(at)

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Contact: Roberto Bauer
Phone: 07231 / 9663 2768
E-Mail: roberto.bauer(at)

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Contact: Armin Scherer
Tel.: 07434 / 270 1623
E-Mail: armin.scherer(at)

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