Innovations and product range additions 2018

The sector is driven by two key issues:

The first one is digitalisation, and all its associated challenges. The second is electromobility, and its consequences for the machining industry.
Here at MAPAL, we’ve been dealing with these issues from an early stage – adapting our future approach accordingly. One outcome of our work so far is, among other things, Toolmanagement 4.0, which we offer through c-Com, an open cloud-based platform.
We have also developed new systems for efficient tool logistics. When it comes to electromobility, we offer all the tools needed for the complete machining of stator housing, ensuring that extremely narrow tolerance requirements are reliably met.

Of course, we also provide you with a wide range of new and further developments in relation to our tools. In addition to new cutting materials for boring and mixed processing, we are also introducing among other things, reaming tools for greatly increased cost-effectiveness.
We have also developed applicationoriented, hydraulic chucks, solid carbide tools for drilling and milling as well as a new generation of PCD face mills, for the best possible surface quality.
Achieving the highest levels of precision, costeffectiveness, energy efficiency, and conservation of resources is at the forefront of all the work we do, thereby offering you technological advances and sustainable production.

News brochure "Innovations 2018"

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