Application-oriented hydraulic chucks

for greater cost-effectiveness

Until now, the brazed joint between the sleeve and tool body of hydraulic chucks has been a limiting factor, for example, in relation to chuck geometry, heat resistance, and torque transmission. Additive manufacturing makes it possible to manufacture chucks “from one mould”, creating a broader scope of application for hydraulic chuck technology.

This has sustainably pushed back the limits that previously existed for hydraulic chucks in relation to torque transmission, heat resistance, as well as process reliability. As a result, it is now possible to adapt the hydraulic chuck to the machining in such a way that a standard shank tool can be used. Therefore, the tool that is exposed to wear is used in the - more cost-effective – standard version. The chuck is designed specifically for the application, so that it is optimally adapted to the machining process, and all related requirements.

A milling operation using a solid carbide milling cutter and hydraulic chuck is a classic example of this. The defined dimensions of the standard chuck made it necessary to use an extra-long solid carbide milling cutter, in order to be able to reach and machine the contour to be milled. Using a special hydraulic chuck with a long, lean contour offers several benefits: The milling cutter in the short standard design is far less expensive; the short shank length allows milling with far higher cutting rates; and the surface quality is improved thanks to the reduction in vibration. Overall, the new design achieves a longer tool life.

Longer, leaner, more stable - at MAPAL, these are the key components of the current approach for adapting hydraulic chucks, the factors most emphasis is placed on. In addition, working alongside customers, a wide range of other unique challenges have been solved, in ways that would have been inconceivable just a few years ago.

  • Additive manufacturing opens up a whole range of possibilities: integrated cooling ducts, double clamping, additional adjustment options, alternative dimensions, prevention of interference contours
  • Individually tailored to the machining process
  • The most cost-effective and reliable combination of hydraulic chuck and tool
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