E-Mobility - Stator housing

Machining of high-precision bores with a large diameter

Drive systems are changing. Given that electric motors are a way of dealing with stricter limits on emissions and finite fossil fuel resources, electromobility is gaining ground.

For MAPAL as a precision tool manufacturer, this development represents a challenge. Many of MAPAL’s tools are used for machining components found in the power trains of vehicles with internal combustion engines. But electric motors also need parts that require high precision machining. Stator housing is one example of such a part. The high spindle speeds of electric motors mean that maximum precision is required during machining. Among other things the main bore for the rotor has to be machined to within a few μm. MAPAL has developed tooling solutions that mean this fine machining can be performed cost-effectively while meeting the requirements regarding accuracy and cycle time.

Lightweight design for tool solutions

The tool solutions are just as innovative as electric motors are modern. Due to an innovative welded structure, the tools are extremely light, making them perfect for machining most types of delicate, thin-walled housing. The tool body has a tubular design so that in addition to being extremely light, the tool is also very stable and rigid. Welded structures are only half the weight of conventional boring bars. The carriers for the inserts are welded on (and in the case of finishing tools the guide pad carriers as well). These support each other by means of connecting ribs. This reduces the risk of chatter and ensures support even when making interrupted cuts. The tool is very precise, even when being used for difficult projection lengths. This is thanks to the tubular design and stabilising ribs which result in a very good resistance to bending.

  • Reliable machining of bores with a large diameter (> 250 mm)
  • Tools with guide pads ensure the highest levels of precision
  • Reliable machining of the main bore
  • Low-vibration machining, even with extreme length-diameter ratios
  • Short machining times thanks to use of combination Tools
  • One-stop solution for entire process
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