Milling cutters for high volume machining of aluminium structural parts

Most aluminium structural parts are milled from solid material. This requires machining that is flawless in terms of dimensional accuracy, the parallel alignment of the walls, as well as the surface roughness and surface finish.

The structure of the part becomes increasingly delicate the more material is removed. Reducing the resulting cutting force therefore has a big effect on the quality of the part. In particular, thin walls and free-standing bars can be forced back if the cutting force is too high. 

MAPAL has expanded the OptiMill-SPM range to include milling cutters for roughing and finishing, for the specific purpose of machining parts with delicate structures. This involved developing a special cutting edge profile for roughing, which greatly reduces the cutting force and the heat input into the part. The new finishing geometry prevents entry of the tool when finishing deep pockets, even when there is a high level of wrapping. A milling cutter version with ISO inserts, which is extremely cost-effective, can be specially designed to fit the needs of the customer.

The tools in the OptiMill-SPM range stand out thanks to their conical neck. This guarantees a high level of rigidity throughout the whole machining process. The highly positive cutting edge geometry and optimised chip flutes ensure that the cutting force is greatly reduced.

  • High material removal rate of > 8 l/min
  • Low vibration roughing thanks to an innovative corrugated Profile
  • Capable of finishing large depths in one shot
  • Design with ISO inserts and a CFS replaceable head system is particularly cost effective
  • Internal cooling
  • Available in a solid carbide design with a diameter range of 6 to 32 mm or in a PCD design with a diameter range of 6 to 50 mm as part of the standard range
  • High surface quality
  • Low vibration cutting
  • Reduced cutting force
  • Perfect chip removal
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