Electromobility – Innovative machining concepts for all components

Even today, MAPAL already offers a wide range of innovative machining solutions for the manufacturing of the individual parts and components of electrified motor vehicles.

Spiral forms with tolerances in the μm range

Not only the drive and the energy storage system are affected by the electrification of the vehicles, but also a number of auxiliary units. One example of this is the electric refrigerant compressor. The heart of an electric refrigerant compressor is two nested aluminium spirals – scroll stator and scroll rotor. The efficiency of the electric refrigerant compressor depends essentially on how precisely these parts are manufactured.

The demands on form and position tolerances here lie in the range of a few μm. A particular challenge here, for example, is the machining of the “screw”. A defined rectangularity of less than 0.04 mm and a surface roughness (Rz) in the single-digit μm range have to be assured. Despite these demands, the thin walls and the depth of the part, finishing has to be carried out in a single pass. MAPAL has developed an SPM milling cutter with finishing geometry and highly positive rake angle for this application. It ensures low-vibration cutting and has an additional chamfer on the diameter. It can perform the machining of base, wall and chamfer on the front face in a single step. As a result, the close tolerances for rectangularity and surface finish can be reliably achieved.

At a glance
  • Concepts and processes for all the components to be machined
  • For example, stator housing, battery housing and auxiliary Units
  • Complete machining from a single source
  • Maximum precision – assured through decades of experience
  • New tool concepts thanks to innovative production methods
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