New generation of PCD face milling cutters for the highest surface quality

The face milling cutters from MAPAL with replaceable PCD milling cartridges are the cutters of choice to achieve the best surfaces when machining aluminium in the automotive industry. The setting and clamping system of the milling inserts has proven itself in innumerable applications. A new, optimised generation of these milling cutters for cutting depths up to ap = 4 mm is now presented.

The chip guiding geometry was optimised for the new “PowerMill-Blue” series. The chip former is no longer integrated in the tool body but directly in the miller cassettes. The chips are reliably removed to the outside, and scratches on the surface as well as transport scoring is excluded. The result is even better surface finishes.

Instead of a central coolant supply, the cutting edges are directly supplied with cooling lubricant at the cutting point. The coolant outlet is incorporated in the milling cassette. As a result, the new milling cutter is also ideally suited for MQL machining. Compared with the previous generation, noise is minimised due to a low cutting edge overhang.

As for the previous generation, the milling cartridges in the aluminium tool body are accurately manufactured and guarantee a perfect flight diameter of the inserts. The milling cassettes can be interchanged with all existing PowerMill milling cutters. The PCD milling inserts can be reground several times for the highest level of cost-effectiveness.

  • Cutter of choice for aluminium machining
  • Proven adjusting and clamping system
  • Cutting depth up to ap = 4 mm
  • Optimised chip guiding geometry
  • Optimised coolant supply
  • Milling cassettes interchangeable with all existing PowerMill milling cutters
  • Best surface finish Quality
  • Minimal noise production
  • Cost-effectiveness: the PCD milling inserts can be reground several times
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