Setting, measuring and dispensing

MAPAL is a recognised specialist for fine boring using adjustable tools. The exact adjustment and measurement of these tools is a prerequisite for high part quality.

The lack of suitable equipment led MAPAL to become involved in the development and manufacture of mechanical and electronic setting fixtures. MAPAL has always placed very high value on precision and longevity. The high precision of the MAPAL setting fixtures is due to the combination of an exact basic mechanical set-up and a tactile measuring technique.

With its many years of experience and its unique competence in the area of making settings accurate to the μm, MAPAL offers a varied and flexible range of services for the tool measurement and tool presetting sector. The MAPAL product range, comprising horizontal and vertical basic devices, offers the right customer-specific solution for all conceivable applications and tool sizes.


UNISET-P with tactile measuring sensor

Second-hand devices from MAPAL

Second-hand setting and measuring devices can be purchased on request.

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Michael Hils
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Service - Hotline

If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to call our Service - Hotline:

MAPAL Dr. Kress KG
Sandra Knobloch
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