Special process on the machining of a hub carrier

Special process with combination tools makes it possible to machine a hub carrier made of grey cast iron

Machining task

The requirements on machining the hub carrier were clear. The customer requested a complete machining process with tools and the related documentation. The machine concept was fixed – a three-spindle custom machine.


The particular challenge during the machining of the hub carrier was that the customer had defined very challenging requirements in relation to cycle time and costs per workpiece. In addition, the complete machining process was to function on an existing custom machine with three spindles and the quality requirements were very high.

Our solution

To achieve these objectives, the MAPAL tool experts relied entirely on combination tools for the machining. Various operations were combined in one tool. It was necessary to match the machining values and as a result also the NC program accordingly.

This optimised tool design made possible the complete machining of the workpiece using only eight tools. As a result it was possible to save considerable non-productive time, as the tool change takes a long time. The special know-how from the entire MAPAL product range flowed into the individual tools. From tangential technology to boring and milling, all the way to drilling and circular milling using solid carbide tools, a large number of technologies were used to reliably achieve the specified objectives.

MAPAL Effect

After a short time it was possible to achieve both challenging requirements, the cycle time and the costs per workpiece, to the total satisfaction of the customer. This effect resulted in further collaboration and in MAPAL taking over tool management.

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