Vibration damping – Significantly improved surface finishes

Vibration often occurs during machining. This leads to dynamic instability of the system. Inadequate surface finishes, insufficient accuracy, high machining noises, shortened tool lives and, in extreme cases, broken tools and cutting edges can be the result.


Optimal Surface finish by milling with Vibration dampening tool holders

In order to minimise these vibrations and their consequences, MAPAL has now developed an innovative system for vibration damping in the tool shank, as particularly tools for boring and milling with very long projection length tend to vibrate due to an inadequate dynamic rigidity of the overall system. When designing the new system, the developers took into account all factors arising from the interaction of the machine tool, the tool and type of clamping as well as the component. 

The result: A system for vibration damping tailored to the rigidity of all common machine types. It can be used for machining different materials with different tools.

The self-contained system of auxiliary mass and several steel spring packages counteracts the deflection of the tool body and minimises it. Compared with tools without absorber system, the vibration amplitudes can be up to 1,000 times lower. Despite the long projection length, quiet, stable running is achieved. This makes it possible to work at higher cutting speeds and significantly increases the material removal rate.

In addition, significantly better surface finishes are achieved thanks to vibration damping.

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