UNIBASE-S – time saving and short distances due to storage close to production
At a glance
  • Stock-controlled dispensing system
  • 96 or 192 compartments, individual dispensing
  • Central locking
  • Employee login on the device including logging
  • Pre-installed software UNIBASE
  • Production-related article procurement
  • Inexpensive
  • Compact dimensions – installation directly on the workbench

MAPAL has developed the single automatic dispenser UNIBASE-S and optimised the aspects of ergonomics and ease of use for storing and managing frequently required consumables in a decentralised and space-saving manner. The display is now on the top of the device making operation easier. The software has been changed to the general UNIBASE software. The device can be coupled to existing UNIBASE systems and also used as a standalone solution.

Thanks to the compact dimensions, the dispensing system UNIBASE-S can be installed directly on the workbench. For example, the 96 or 192 compartments are ideal for storing indexable inserts, tools, chucks or personal protective equipment. This saves the employee a trip to the central warehouse and ensures production-related article procurement. Article removal is quick and uncomplicated in just a few steps. For this purpose, the employee logs in directly to the device via the touchscreen. Optionally, logging in is even quicker via RFID chip or fingerprint. Only registered employees can remove articles. If an employee is not logged in, it is not possible to turn the dispensing drum and the dispensing compartments are closed. After the desired article has been selected via the software UNIBASE, an LED identifies the compartment with the corresponding article. The dispensing drum is rotated manually so that it is at the withdrawal position. After opening the dispensing compartment, the system automatically registers the removal of an article. As such the stock levels in the system are always up-to-date.

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