Drill-Reamer – drilling and reaming in one machining step
Drill-Reamer – drilling and reaming in one machining step
At a glance
  • Combination of drilling and reaming
  • Versions with and without internal cooling
  • Small chisel edge with a tip angle of 140°
  • For bore tolerances > IT 7
  • Reduced productive and non-productive times compared to machining using two separate tools
  • Trouble-free entry into the material
  • Optimal self-centring

A proven means to manufacture cost-effectively and to reduce productive and non-productive times is to combine individual work steps.

For the complete machining of bores in short chipping materials, such as cast iron, as well as aluminium, MAPAL is announcing the new drill reamer with pyramid tip. This tool combines pilot-drilling, drilling from solid and reaming of the bore in only one pass. 

Along with optimal self-centring, the pyramid tip also ensures that the Drill-Reamer can enter the part without problems. Through the very small chisel edge with a tip angle of 140°, drilling is possible even in unstable conditions. The optimally designed reaming cutting edge produces the best surface finishes; a new coating makes long tool lives possible.

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