Tritan-Drill – Drilling with three cutting edges for all materials and applications

Tritan drills from MAPAL have established themselves across the board due to their great economic advantages. Four new designs complete the range of products.

The tool geometry of the Tritan-Drill-Uni-Plus for the machining of steels, stainless steel alloys and cast iron materials has been further developed. Smooth flute profiles improve chip removal and a wear-resistant coating increases the tool life by up to three times.


The Tritan-Drill-Alu and the Tritan-Drill-Iron are now available for drilling in aluminium and cast iron materials. The Tritan-Drill-Alu has a tailored, polished flute profile. Large chip flutes and a special, sharp cutting edge preparation ensure optimum chip formation and reliable chip removal. The Tritan-Drill-Iron impresses with its corner radius design that offers greater stability and wear resistance of the corner of the cutting edge and a special wear-resistant coating.

The Tritan-Step-Drill-Steel was developed for stepped bores in tapping bores. The two cutting edge drills used to date tend to oscillate up and down along the chisel edge due to the flatness of the chisel edge in the middle, resulting in poor boring results. The new Tritan-Step-Drill-Steel with three cutting edges has an innovative point thinning and precision ground chip flutes for closely rolled and broken chips. The chips are reliably removed through the relatively small chip flute. The crowned cutting edge with pulling cut from the centre to the sturdy corner of the cutting edge makes the drill extremely sturdy. In combination with a wear-resistant coating, the machining results are outstanding: Compared with double edge stepped drills, the Tritan drills allow double the feed rates to be achieved – with a simultaneous increase in the tool life.


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