FaceMill-Diamond – Greater flexibility for face milling

The FaceMill-Diamond PCD face milling cutter has been successfully in use worldwide for many years. It demonstrates its particular strength, however, during HPC applications or when machining unstable parts – and that with cutting depths up to 10 mm. The monolithic design with brazed PCD cutting edges allows large numbers of teeth, thus enabling high feeds and higher material removal rates. Machining with the FaceMill-Diamond results in very good surface finishes and a long tool life.


The FaceMill-Diamond has now been overhauled with the goal of making the proven solution even better. For optimum cooling and lubrication of the PCD cutting edges, the coolant outlets are positioned directly at the cutting edges in the new model. This ensures an improved chip removal and offers significant benefits, particularly in applications with MQL or blowing air.

The most apparent change in the new FaceMill-Diamond results from the demand for greater flexibility and independence of the machine interface. The face milling cutter is now designed as a modular cutter head variant. The milling cutter can now be flexibly used particularly for small series with different machine parks or even for large series that are produced on another machine and then relocated.


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