OptiMill milling cutters and power chucks – Optimum combination for high-performance milling

MAPAL is extending its range of solid carbide milling cutters and presenting new models from the OptiMill ranges ‘Wave’, ‘Trochoid’ and ‘Alu-HPC-Pocket’.

The trochoidal milling cutters from the MAPAL OptiMill-Trochoid range now have additional specially formed chip breakers. These ensure short chips and their reliable discharge from the process. The solid carbide tools impress with very high cost-effectiveness thanks to high cutting rates with cutting depths up to ap = 5xD.

Time-consuming ramping processes or pilot bores are frequently the order of the day when milling pockets. In order to eliminate these steps during the machining of aluminium, MAPAL is now offering the OptiMill-Alu-HPC-Pocket solid carbide milling cutter. For this, the OptiMill-Uni-HPC-Pocket that is successfully used for numerous machining operations was specially adapted to the machining of aluminium – including adding a new coating.


OptiMill-Fräser und Kraftspannfutter

With the OptiMill-Uni-Wave, full slot milling with a groove depth of up to 3xD is possible. The solid carbide milling cutter that can be used for a wide range of materials can be operated with high feeds. Thanks to the innovative knurled roughing geometry, short and closely rolled chips are produced during machining that can be reliably discharged from the process. The milling cutter is now available as standard in new sizes and lengths.

MAPAL has not only expanded its range of high-performance solid carbide milling cutters, but with the new power chuck is now offering at the same time the optimum holder for the new milling cutters.

The new power chuck impresses with strong clamping, simple handling and very good radial run-out. The location bore is manufactured in the single-digit μm range. A patented spring element in the location bore ensures a defined form closure between tool and chuck. The tool can be reliably clamped in the chuck by hand without the use of a torque wrench. The chuck exhibits its full strengths during high-speed milling operations.


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