OptiMill-SPM – Reliable processes when milling from solid

Aluminium structural parts, such as wing parts and frame ribs, are generally milled from solid material – with up to 95 percent material removal. Fault-free machining with respect to dimensional accuracy and surface finish is crucial here. And the part structure that becomes more and more delicate with increasing material removal and decreasing wall thickness represents an additional challenge. The reduction of the cutting forces produced therefore has a major effect on the quality of the part. Above all thin walls and free-standing sections can be displaced by excessively high cutting Forces.


MAPAL has now developed new tools with polished indexable inserts for the roughing and finishing of these parts. The new tools complement the MAPAL SPM range for the machining of structural parts. For roughing, a special cutting edge profile has been developed that significantly reduces the cutting forces and the heat introduction into the component. The new finishing geometry prevents the pulling inwards of the tool during the finishing of deep pockets even with high wrapping.

The tools in the OptiMill-SPM series are characterised by their conical neck. In this way high rigidity is guaranteed over the entire machining process. The highly positive cutting geometry and the optimised chip flutes ensure a significantly reduced cutting force.


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