Electromobility – Innovative machining concepts for all components

Even today, MAPAL already offers a wide range of innovative machining solutions for the manufacturing of the individual parts and components of electrified motor vehicles.

1. High precision for large diameters using ultralight tools

The high-precision machining of the main bore in stator housing presents a challenge for tool and machine. All other steps in the production of the stator housing could be carried out on machines with HSK A63 spindle. For the main bore, however, a machine with HSK A100 spindle had to be used. That is due on the one hand to the high cutting torques of up to 500 Nm, and on the other hand to the maximum permissible tool weight and tilting moment.

Cost-effective manufacturing with short cycle times calls for a solution in which the complete machining can be carried out on one machine with small connections, as these machines are characterised by their high spindle speeds, lower investment and operating costs and lower energy consumption.In order to meet these demands, MAPAL has developed a fine boring tool of ultralight design. The low weight of around 10 kg meets the precondition for use on machines with smaller spindles. In addition to the weight, MAPAL has also optimised the cooling channels, a special back-flushing system ensures a far more effective removal of the chips, thus preventing chips from scratching the machined surface.

At a glance
  • Concepts and processes for all the components to be machined
  • For example, stator housing, battery housing and auxiliary Units
  • Complete machining from a single source
  • Maximum precision – assured through decades of experience
  • New tool concepts thanks to innovative production methods
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