TTD-Tritan - Machining of heat exchangers taken to the next level

Many versions of heat exchanger are used in different industries where they allow, for example, waste heat to be used for other processes. In the case of shell & tube heat exchangers that are generally made of metal and are classified as recuperators, one medium passes through the tube bundle and a second medium flows through the shell. A heat exchange takes place without mixing the media. Depending on the size, the tube plate at the end has a large number of bores. In order to ensure that the medium does not escape at this component transition, high demands on positioning accuracy and dimensional accuracy are made on the bores.


Triple edge drill is the method of choice

The triple-edge TTD-Tritan replaceable head drill improves the machining of the tube plates with respect to cost-effectiveness, precision and performance. On the TTD-Tritan, tool head and tool holder are joined by Hirth serrations. This connection is easy to operate and particularly stable, so that all the drill reaches the performance level of the solid carbide equivalent. In addition it guarantees the best torque transmission with simultaneous high changing and radial run-out accuracy. The TTD-Tritan is perfectly centered via its pronounced drill tip, ensures very good circularity and in many cases makes a piloting superfluous. In addition, the cost-intensive carbide is limited to the tool head for the replaceable head system, which leads to low tool costs even with large diameters. The replaceable head system also has a positive influence on stock-keeping, as the wear parts are essentially limited to the drill heads. That in turn reduces the capital tied up in the warehouse.


Triple edge drill is the method of choice

MAPAL offers a wide range of diameters in all common lengths to allow various types of tube plate to be machined. Smaller diameters are produced with the solid carbide design of the Tritan-Drill.


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