Controlling the chip:
Reliable fine machining of steel materials
  • Reliable chip breaking for steel materials
  • Process reliability due to special geometry 
  • Compatible with all indexable inserts with AS lead as well as any coating
  • Reliable chip breaking
  • High quality surface finish and dimensional accuracy due to short chips
  • Long chips do not disrupt automated processes

MAPAL will present a new chip guiding stage for steel machining to ensure reliable chip breaking. If long chips are produced during fine machining using tools with guide pads, the quality of the surface finish, the dimensional accuracy and the automated process sequence will be degraded.

If long chips wind around the tool, the tool can also be damaged. These problems are counteracted by the new chip guiding stage. Due to its special geometry, which was developed and optimised with the aid of comprehensive FEM analyses as well as practical trials, the chips are reliably broken, automated processes are not disrupted.

The chip guiding stage is compatible with all indexable inserts with AS lead as well as any coating. This means it can be integrated into the corresponding insert independent of the related application and ensures process reliability.

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