FixReam – Improved series and new model

The FixReam high-performance solid carbide reamers (FXR) cover a wide range of applications. Depending on the diameter, the highperformance reamers have between four and eight cutting edges with internal cooling and achieve correspondingly high feed rates.


MAPAL has optimised the whole range. New carbide substrates geared specifically to the machining operation in combination with new coatings result in longer tool lives. A new arc land chamfer allows the reamers to enter the bore more precisely – as a result, circularities and cylindrical forms are further improved.

In addition to the optimised series, MAPAL is also presenting a further model of the highperformance reamer. The new “FixReam short” for the machining of steel and cast iron allows both through bores and blind holes to be machined with one and the same reamer. That is made possible by the innovative design. It is therefore suitable also for use with short and medium production runs. Stocking costs are reduced thanks to the universal range of applications. In addition, the short form of the reamer preserves carbide metal resources and improves the stability of the tool.

News brochure "Innovations 2019"

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