New chip breaker for the machining of aluminium with low silicone content

The machining of parts made from aluminium with low silicone content (silicone content less than three percent) results in long chips. These have a negative effect on the process in a number of ways. On the one hand there is a risk of the chips wrapping around the tool and hence negatively influencing the surface finish and the dimensional accuracy of the bore. On the other hand, long chips cannot be reliably removed from the part, the clamping fixture and the machine automatically during series production. This can lead to machine standstill and laborious reworking.


MAPAL has now developed a new chip breaker to ensure defined chip breaking during boring and reaming with PCD in aluminium components with low silicone content. Its special topology developed in time-consuming 3D simulations ensures defined chip breaking and hence short chips. Even with low feed rates and low stock removal, defined chip breaking and a defined chip shape are ensured. This guarantees highest performance and process reliability.

The newly developed chip breaker can be integrated into the PCD cutting edge or PCD indexable insert, irrespective of the particular application, and can therefore be universally used.

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