Process analysis identifies potentials

Customers use the re.tooling service when they set up manufacturing for a new component, or when converting the existing machine park for the manufacturing of a new component. Or when optimisation is necessary during running production. In such cases, MAPAL offers the comprehensive analysis of all the process-relevant data and NC programs using software options that represent a new module in the re.tooling service, and so identify previously unused potentials. This is possible for the machining of one part, of several parts or also for identical machining operations on several machines. The result: Customers achieve a higher part production – without increasing tool or machine wear.


All the relevant information on process, component, materials, machine and parts produced is collected directly at the manufacturing line – with a focus on the individually defined goals. The software collects the data during the running process from the communication between control panel and numerical control unit. No intervention is made in the machine controller, so that the warranty for the machine and its controller is not affected.

After the data collection, the MAPAL experts analyse all the productive and non-productive times, paying attention for example to the spindle speeds, feed rates and current power consumption. The use of every single tool and the corresponding CNC programs is examined, the movements are visualised and corresponding optimisation potentials are identified. It becomes apparent, for example, when a tool runs for a period of time without power consumption. In this case the approach path offers savings potential. The analysis also reveals inconsistent machining operations that could endanger the process reliability.

Depending on the customer’s demands, MAPAL then takes over the CNC optimisation, transfers the improved process to the machine and verifies the reduced program runtimes, improved component qualities and reduced tool costs in renewed process audits at regular intervals.


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