Reliable, cost-effective series production manufacture of turbochargers

MAPAL offers the complete process for machining exhaust turbochargers. As an example, four tools for machining the hot side demonstrate, on the one hand, the different machining tasks on a turbocharger and, on the other hand, show the variety of tools and know-how available from MAPAL in this area:

1 - Pre-machining V band and turbine internal contour

Along with the material, the interrupted cut is a challenge. MAPAL relies on a complex boring tool with ISO indexable inserts. The tool machines internally and externally at the same time. Multiple steps are machined. The tool operates counter-clockwise to transport the chips out of the component and to prevent damage to the internal contour of the turbine.

2 - Pre-machining and fine machining of the turbine main bore

Close tolerances in relation to shape, position and surface finish make the machining of the trumpet-shaped turbine main bore a challenge. For this purpose, MAPAL offers the TOOLTRONIC with LAT attachment (linear actuating tool). In this way the turning operation can be implemented on the machining centre. The mounting tool is fitted with three inserts, one for roughing and two for finishing.

3 - Face surface on the turbocharger housing

MAPAL recently announced a milling range with pressed, radial ISO indexable inserts. The milling cutter for roughing the face surface on the turbocharger housing comes from this range. The ISO indexable inserts with 16 usable cutting edges are the highlight of this face milling cutter. As such the usage of the tool is particularly economical.

4 - Pre-machining the catalytic converter flange

The new tool from MAPAL for pre-machining the catalytic converter flange is also particularly cost-effective. Tangential technology is used on this diameter turning tool. Due to the upright and horizontal installation of the LTHU inserts, in effect eight cutting edges can be used per indexable insert.

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