Alexander Krause
has been newly appointed to the senior management of the MAPAL Competence Centre for actuating tools

On 1 July 2016, Alexander Krause (46) was appointed to the position of Managing Director of the MAPAL Competence Centre for actuating and ISO tools (ITS GmbH) in Eppingen. Alexander Krause is responsible for the Production and Administration departments. He manages ITS GmbH along with Patrick Fabry, who, as a member of senior management, is responsible for sales.

Krause has worked in the precision tooling sector for the past 20 years. A qualified engineer, he has held a number of managerial positions over the course of his career, most recently as managing director of a machining company in the Ludwigsburg area. The further development of the MAPAL plant at the Eppingen site will form a key part of his work. The plant has been operational since October 2015. It has allowed MAPAL to increase its production capacity in relation to actuating and ISO special tools, helping the company to meet the high demand for these machining solutions.


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