c-Com and Lübbering: Cooperation in cloud-based C part management

c-Com and Johannes Lübbering GmbH will cooperate in the future in the area of cloud-based C part management. Lübbering is one of the leading manufacturers of drill feed units that are especially used in the assembly area of the aerospace industry. c-Com is the open cloud-based platform based on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform for efficient data management of C parts between customers and suppliers.

“The c-Com cloud-based data platform supplied by all parties involved offers enormous potential and large synergy effects”, says Giari Fiorucci, Head of Digital and Logistics Services, who is responsible for c-Com at MAPAL. “Using c-Com, operational, logistical and handling information of Lübbering Advanced Drilling Units (L.ADU electronic) are managed with corresponding benefits for the user, Lübbering and the tool manufacturer.”

In this way, from the c-Com platform, a L.ADU electronic user can directly and automatically call up tool-relevant data such as cutting data and NC programs for the drill used and thus prevent manual errors. In turn, tool lives and measurement data are transferred to the c-Com platform during processing and provide users and tool manufacturers detailed evaluation features. In addition, the complete planning of the tools and drill feed units can be processed via c-Com. “The c-Com platform also offers us important benefits for servicing a L.ADU drilling machine”, explains Thomas Langhorst, Electrical Engineering Design Manager at Lübbering who is responsible for the cooperation with c-Com. “The complete communication of all relevant processes, data and facts and the resulting significant increase in efficiency that c-Com offers convinced us immediately.”


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