c-Com as an independent limited company

In the middle of this year, MAPAL founded c-Com GmbH. This means that c-Com is no longer a division within MAPAL but operates as an independent company within the MAPAL Group. MAPAL is thereby only a customer or supplier of c-Com GmbH in the same way as any other company. Giari Fiorucci together with Dr Jochen Kress have taken over the management of the limited company. A total of eleven employees are currently working at c-Com who have moved out of the MAPAL grounds to separate premises with the founding of the limited company.

Meanwhile other tool manufacturers are on the c-Com platform along with MAPAL or will soon be on c-Com. Projects with the Bass and Emuge-Franken companies are in preparation. Since June 2017, tool data from Schnyder, the Swiss tool manufacturer, and Vergnano, an Italian company, have been maintained and shared on c-Com as part of a tool management project for a renowned TIER1 manufacturer. Other tool manufacturers will be on the platform in time for EMO 2017. Additional pilot projects, for example in the field of the aerospace industry, are performing very successfully. An example of this is the cooperation with Lübbering, the market leader in the production of drill feed units, for data exchange and data handling between the newly developed L.ADU electronic and c-Com. The collaboration with MindSphere, the new Siemens IoT cloud solution, for the exchange of machine data and tool data is also promising.

The development of c-Com is also continuing. Four web-based modules will be presented during the launch of the platform: “Tool Dashboard”, “Dynamic Order Optimizer”, “Reconditioning Management” and “Machine Run-Off”. In parallel to this, different native iOS applications will be presented such as “Tool Manager”, “Tool Trial” or “Data Care” that will allow the mobile handling of data and documents in real time.

The c-Com platform will be officially introduced onto the market at EMO 2017.

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