HPR400 plus – Clear cost-per-part savings due to no setting requirements and four cutting edges

Greater cost-effectiveness by means of efficient reconditioning was central to the development of the HPR400 reamers. The multi-bladed tools win over customers with their great cost-effectiveness thanks to faster application data and straight forward insert changing by the customer on-site. This is thanks to the extremely accurate insert seats. This does away with logistic costs completely - no need for transport to the manufacturer. WIP inventory and reconditioning costs are kept to a minimum.

To further improve cost-effectiveness working with large diameters, the indexable inserts in the HPR400 plus now come with four cutting edges instead of just one as previously. Thereby optimal use of the cutting material occurs. MAPAL’s exacting standards in technical production guarantee that the indexable inserts with four cutting edges are manufactured to that high precision that it can be turned or changed easily on location by the customer’s employees. Insert stock levels can be reduced as a result. Reconditioning costs and the subsequent cost-per-part are also further reduced.

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