New possibilities in the field of tool dispensing
Vertical cabinets for storing completely assembled tools

If large, heavy tools are already assembled in the production area but are not yet needed on the machines, they should be stored away. Cabinet drawers with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 75 kg are not ideally suited for this. They often reach their limits when loaded with several completely assembled tools. Sometimes, on account of its length, the tool can only be stored horizontally and this presents a risk to the cutting edges. It’s with situations like these in mind that MAPAL has introduced the new UNIBASE-V expandable cabinet with up to four electronically lockable vertical drawers. Each of the automatically opening drawers has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 600 kg and is equipped with loadable tool holders designed according to the customer’s specifications. The vertical drawers are compatible with existing UNIBASE-M systems and are controlled via the master unit.

Individual tool dispensing machines for safe storage of small parts

The new UNIBASE-C cabinets for controlled individual tool dispensing complete the storage module. A large number of small and single parts can be stored in a UNIBASE-C cabinet in a relatively small area. When an item is selected only its individual compartment opens, helping reduce risk of theft. UNIBASE-C is available in standard versions. It can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be incorporated into existing UNIBASE-M systems.

New software for the UNIBASE tool dispensing system with search for keyword function and open web interface

MAPAL has furthermore developed new software for the UNIBASE-M tool dispensing system. Among other things, the software connects the tool dispensing system to existing ERP systems, carries out permanent, automatic inventory monitoring and offers user-specific and comprehensive evaluation features. Possible actions available to the user will be displayed for each item, if permitted. Retrieval of the item is just a few clicks away. What’s more, the software also runs on tablets and external Computers.

In the new version, the search logic has been completely revised, significantly increasing the ease of use. Previously, the search function was transaction-based and it often required several selection criteria to access the searched for item. Now, instead of a transaction, the sought-after item immediately appears. The search function is now considerably faster and more convenient, simply enter one or more keywords.

The second major innovation of the new software is the open web interface. The software is compatible with “Internet of Things” and is remotely accessible. It can be controlled by any end device and operating system. Master data and movement data can be exchanged via the open, cloud-based c-Com platform without restriction. Since October 2017 the new software has been delivered with all tool dispensing systems in the UNIBASE series. Customers´ existing systems can be updated to the new software if required.

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