Tritan-Drill-HSS – maximum cost-effectiveness in small-series

MAPAL has set a new standard in drilling with the Tritan-Drill. Now, the product range of drills with three cutting edges will gradually be expanded. The new universal version, made from HSS, was specifically developed for maximum cost-effectiveness in small-series production. 

Thanks to the shape of its main cutting edge, the Tritan-Drill-HSS is extremely robust – even in difficult drilling situations. Stable cutting edge corners mean that damage to the cutting edge is reduced. This allows for both greatly improved results and smooth machining. The coating of the Tritan-Drill-HSS is optimised for universal machining, which means it can be used for different materials while maintaining a long tool life.


The Tritan-Drill-HSS can be used to achieve feeds up to 50 % higher than twin edged HSS drills, and at the same time has a tool life that is up to four times longer. Due to the special point geometry of the Tritan-Drill-HSS, piloting and centre-punching aren’t necessary. It can also be used with hand drills, with the pronounced drill tip preventing it from slipping over the chisel edge, in contrast to drills with two cutting edges. 

The Tritan Drill-HSS is available with diameter range of 8 to 40 mm.


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