Revolution in Countersinking

Every machining process has latent potential for boosting productivity. There is significant potential for improvement even in seemingly secondary machining operations. This issue is demonstrated by the new generation of countersinks.

The newly developed countersink operates with significantly reduced axial forces. The cutting edges on the countersinks have an unequal spacing. With this spacing, the axial forces are reduced by more than 50% and the radial forces by 25% compared with conventional countersinks. Such optimised operating conditions create far less vibrations at the tool, allowing higher accuracies and better surface finishes to be achieved. The precision of the countersink leads to an immediately improved contact of bolted and riveted joints, eliminating settling of the joint under load after assembly. The reduced load on the machine also increases the life of the tools. Thanks to the smooth and stable running, the tools can also be operated with higher cutting values. The result is significant time savings.

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