End milling cutters with fixed cutting edges

The high-performance end milling cutter program OptiMill from MAPAL ensures excellent, reliable results during all machining tasks. The focus is on cost-effectiveness and product quality, along with meeting customer requirements.


The end milling cutter programme from MAPAL includes shoulder milling cutters for groove milling, roughing, finishing and trochoidal milling, as well as milling cutters for high feed milling, profile milling and chamfering.

Competitive edge through flexibility

Additional set-up costs are saved with the replaceable head milling cutter programme CPMill. Due to the easy, safe handling, the milling heads can be replaced directly in the machine tool.

Always the right choice

Irrespective of whether you need a costeffective milling cutter for universal machining or an Expert for a complex machining task - MAPAL offers the right tool.

Groove milling and general applications

Milling cutters for general applications.

Excellently suited to groove milling.

  • Contact width ae up to 1xD
  • Diameter range from 1 to 25 mm (solid carbide)
  • PCD variants up to diameter 63 mm
  • Optimal chip Transport
  • Large selection of lengths and geometries for all applications
  • High-performance substrate and modern coatings for excellent tool lives
Shoulder milling – roughing

To achieve the highest material removal. Ideal for pre-machining with high stock removal.

  • High material removal rate (ae ~ 0.6xD)
  • Diameter range from 4 to 25 mm
  • New knurled profile for optimal force distribution on the cutting edge
  • Profile undercut roughing teeth
  • Unequal spacing for low vibration running
Shoulder milling – finishing

Ideal for producing the best surface finishes. Fine machining with low stock removal.

  • Low material removal rate (ae ≤ 0.1xD)
  • Diameter range from 4 to 32 mm
  • Large number of teeth
  • Optimal distribution of the cutting Forces
  • Special design for hardened steels of 50-65 HRC
Trochoidal milling

Maximum material removal rate with high surface finish at the same time. Pre-machining and fine machining using one tool.

  • Cutting depths up to 3xD
  • Diameter range from 4 to 25 mm
  • Extra long cutting tool
  • Optimised unequal spacing and finely balanced cutting tool to protect the machine spindle and longer tool lives
  • Optimal chip Transport
  • Usage with modern CAM system
Milling with high feeds

Especially for milling with high feeds and extreme cutting speeds.

  • Low cutting depth (ap = 0.05xD)
  • Diameter range from 8 to 25 mm
  • High feeds up to 1.35 mm per tooth at diameter 20 mm.
  • Inclined entry and pocket milling also with long projection lengths
  • Internal coolant supply for optimum chip removal
Profile milling

Contour and copy milling with high shape accuracy.

  • Low material removal rate (ap ~ 0.1xD, ae ~ 0.1xD)
  • Diameter range from 1 to 25 mm
  • Small diameter (from 1 mm) especially for milling tool steel and hardened steels from 50 to 65 HRC
  • Highest precision for tool and mould building
  • Close radius tolerances with full radius and toric end milling cutters
Chamfering, drill and deburring milling cutters

Cost-effective chamfering and deburring of pre-machined parts.

  • Diameter range from 3 to 20 mm
  • Drill milling cutter for combination machining in one machining step, in particular for sheet metal and thin-walled parts
  • Designs with replaceable head system for highest flexibility and cost-effectiveness
Custom tools to order

Customer-specific custom tools made of solid carbide for highest requirements.

  • Realisation of complex geometries and contours for almost all applications
  • High-performance coatings for every material
  • Combination of several standard tools into one high-performance custom tool
Catalogue Milling

Download the catalogue Milling as pdf file.

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