Chuck systems
Hydraulic clamping technology
HighTorque Chuck HTC

The new hydraulic chucks HighTorque Chuck (HTC) combine the damping properties of hydraulic clamping technology with the high holding forces of shrinking technology. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, the chucks impress due to high torque transmission, ideal damping properties, outstanding rigidity of the overall system and a radial runout accuracy of < 3 μm. The bending resistance is 1.4 times greater than a conventional shrink chuck in accordance with DIN 69882-8. In use these advantages guarantee a high surface finish on the part, significantly higher machining speeds and therefore short machining times, preventing chipping of the cutting edge on the tool and permit long tool lives. 

The standard programme of HTC chucks covers short versions with additional decentral resealable cooling channel bores, an additively manufactured narrow 3-degree design with direct clamping from a diameter of 3 mm, as well as versions for minimum quantity lubrication MQL.

HydroChuck MHC

Due to their high radial run-out accuracy and the resulting even cutting action as well as the excellent vibration damping, MAPAL hydraulic chucks HydroChuck guarantee optimal workpiece finishes. In addition, microstructure cracking on the tool cutting edge is prevented by the hydraulic system, the tool lives increased and costs reduced. The high clamping reliability is ensured even at high spindle speeds. The chucks can be adjusted to the μ thanks to axial and radial length adjustment. Designs for minimum quantity lubrication as well as short heavy-duty and ultra-short designs with steep taper are available in the standard programme.

Shrinking technology
ThermoChuck MTC

Using the shrink chucks ThermoChuck the tools can be accurately clamped for almost all milling operations. High torque transmission and radial rigidity characterise this chuck. Long-term radial run-out accuracy and repetition accuracy of < 3 μm in the location bore guarantee high dimensional accuracy at the workpiece. The shrink chucks from MAPAL are finely balanced as standard so that high surface finishes and long tool lives are ensured. The standard programme of shrink chucks ThermoChuck MTC includes designs with narrow external contour, heavy-duty designs as well as a broad MQL program. In addition, long designs up to 300 mm with HSK-A shank are available from stock.

Mechanical tool clamping
Precision drill chucks MPC
Collet chucks MCC
Weldon and Whistle Notch MNC chucks

Mechanical chucks impress due to their simple construction and the uncomplicated handling. The clamping is safeguarded regardless of the direction of rotation even at high spindle speeds. The standard programme for mechanical tool clamping covers precision drill chucks that are also available in a micro design with direct clamping from 0.2 mm. Due to the modular design, the drill chucks are available with all forms of machine-side tool bodies. Collet chucks, Weldon and Whistle Notch chucks round off the programme of mechanical chucks.

Catalogue Clamping

Download the catalogue Clamping as pdf file.

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