Reaming and Fine boring competence

MAPAL offers innovative, cost-effective solutions for machining almost all materials. Today, MAPAL is continuing to write the success story related to the fine machining of bores that started with the "first reamer" in 1954. Thanks to decades of experiences as well as continuous further development and optimisation of the tool solutions, along with tailor-made custom solutions, today MAPAL offers a broad standard programme of tools for reaming and fine boring.

Reaming and fine boring are the most common methods for fine machining bores and impress with the most precise results. The manufacture of the tools is based on the same precision as MAPAL tools provide in practice. MAPAL offers a suitable solution to suit the complexity of the machining operation and the requirements on precision and surface finish: single and twinbladed reamer reamers, fine boring tools with guide pads and WP or HX indexable inserts stand for the highest precision.

The programme also includes multi-bladed reamers: replaceable head reamers combined with high-accuracy clamping systems, monoblock reamers made of carbide, cermet or HSS as well as systems for machining large diameters.

Reaming | Fine boring

Download the catalogue Reaming | Fine boring as pdf file.

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