Fixed multi-bladed reamers

Drastically reduced machining times are possible using fixed multi-bladed reamers. The multiple cutting edges permit higher feed values, which at the end of the day define the machining times. Due to specifically developed systems and the latest manufacturing technology, MAPAL guarantees the highest accuracies on these tools. The product portfolio offers a wide variety that will satisfy all the requirements of the machining task: from monoblock designs to modern replaceable head systems. A modular HPR program as well as the MultiCut range with cutting rings and tool holders is available for large diameters starting from 65 mm. The standard programmes are complemented by custom solutions that are adapted specifically to the related machining case.

In addition to the high-performance programme with internally cooled tools, a broad machine reamer programme without internal cooling in accordance with DIN or similar to DIN is available ex stock.

High-performance reamers with cylindrical shank

The innovative and further developed monoblock tools allow practically all materials to be machined. Even difficult to machine workpiece materials can be machined due to the ideal combination of geometry, cutting material and coating with high performance. MAPAL high-performance reamers with cylindrical shank are available in two different designs. On the one hand as tipped design with a tool body and separately attached blades made of carbide, cermet, PcBN and PCD, on the other hand as a monolithic design made of solid carbide, HSS and solid cermet with cutting edges that are machined from the tool body material.

Replaceable head reamers

MAPAL offers replaceable head reamers with different head systems. The replaceable head systems impress with exact radial run-out and changeover accuracy, and with safe and simple handling, particularly during assembly and dismantling. The standard programme covers versions for through bores and blind bores as well as a broad choice of cutting materials.

Solutions for large diameters

Especially for machining from a diameter of 40 mm, a program of high-performance reamers with individual configuration options and HSK or module shank is available. From the simple cutting ring to high-performance tools with straightforward insert change on site – for every application MAPAL offers a suitable solution for the high-accuracy and cost-effective machining of almost all workpiece materials.

Custom solutions

MAPAL also offers all reamers as custom solutions specifically tailored to the customer's requirements. The combination of step, chamfer and face surface machining makes these tools highly cost-effective. Productive and non-productive times are shortened and productivity is significantly increased.


To be able to exploit the full potential of the fixed multi-bladed reamers, MAPAL offers a re-grinding and repair service for used tools. The reamers can generally be re-ground several times after reaching the end of their tool life. Especially with highperformance reamers, the level of utilisation of any tool can be considerably improved by re-tipping or re-grinding.

Machine reamers in accordance with DIN and similar to DIN

NC machine reamers are a particularly inexpensive variant for the production of precision bores. Although the performance data are below those of high-performance reamers, these tools are widely used since they are characterised in particular by their simple handling. Here again, MAPAL offers a broad range of tools which are mostly available from stock or that can be delivered in intermediate dimensions at short notice. In addition, machine reamers similar to DIN with straight shank diameters are available. The tools are available on request.

Reaming | Fine boring

Download the catalogue Reaming | Fine boring as pdf file.

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