Hard turning innovations
PcBN round inserts with indexing

Costly cutting material such as PcBN must be utilised to the maximum. At the same time the reliability and stability of the processes must not be impaired. The MAPAL system for hard turning with indexable PcBN round inserts ensures easy handling and optimal cutting material utilisation.

Scroll-free turning

With the scroll-free turning process, which is a special form of kinematics between the rotating workpiece and a rotating tool, grinding is not required. Parts can be fully machined on the lathe. In comparison to conventional machining, this turning method makes it possible to reduce machining times by more than 70 % - with increased process reliability and tool life.

VersaCut grooving and turning system

The flexible grooving system VersaCut offers the optimal prerequisites for the special requirements of hard machining. The PcBN-tipped inserts are clamped extremely stably. The system covers inserts of varying widths and shapes for recessing and groove turning, as well as for machining threads.

Catalogue Turning

Download the catalogue Turning as pdf file.

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